Sophie Weiser (photo by Yannic Pöpperling)

Sophie Weiser (photo by Yannic Pöpperling)


Your Space is a co-creative team of 20 teachers of all different fields of bodywork, mindfulness and nutrition gathered together by Sophie Weiser. We run multi-disciplinary programs in corporate settings and temporary spaces to share our knowledge and experience, to heal, empower and to inspire for a more intuition-based style of leadership. #findyourpath

Sophie Weiser is a former gallerist and PR consultant and an experienced yoga and meditation instructor. In her work in business, she supports transformation in areas that otherwise have no points of contact with mindfulness.

Sophie is a Yoga Arts Alliance certified Hatha Yoga and Heart meditation teacher, trained at the Hridaya school of Yoga, Mazunte (Mexico). She is also a certified Trainer at the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, the mindfulness training born at Google.


Alexandra Likaou (meditation), Michael John Harper (body mindfulness), Che Ahlers (kundalini yoga), Lisa Thamm (meditation), Lisa Müller (dance & raw food), Eva Kaczor (yoga), Wunderhaus (classes for children), Edible Alchemy (pro-biotic workshops),  Alina Schütz (kundalini teacher to be), Slater Bradley (art & astrology), Sophie Weiser (meditation), Michaela Aue (yoga), Rasmus Branders (martial arts flow), Rebecca Randak (yoga), Tony Sarantopoulos (Founder of Agape Zoe healing festival), Nicole Olmsted (tarot, astrology, rituals), Alma Omega Maegan Melissa (cacao healer), Scott Binder (tantra dance, DJ), Mascha Kuchejda (yoga), Christine Schmid (transformational breathing), Marie Dolffs (holisitic body therapy), Rosario Rhiannon Vazquez Lozano (yoga in Spanish), David Azkue de Freitas ( Tao Qigong & Massage)