Magical Astrology Forecast for October 2016

After this life altering eclipse season in September, we have seen the light and the darkness giving us a hard reality check to our current life and world.

Luckily October is about to bring us some gifts and will take us deeper into our work and relationships. This evening will be a overview of what the cosmos is bringing us for October and a chance to relate it to your own personal journey. We will begin the evening by discussing the overall theme for October and how to work with the natural energies to make the most of your projects, passions and relationships during this month. We will than go over the Lunar Cycles and what personal rituals we can create to call back our Natural Magic. 

October is the month that we have been waiting for all year and now is the time to make ALL your dreams, ambitions and desires come true. So come and learn what the planets have planned for us and how to call back Magic in your life

Prenzlauer Allee 26, Berlin
(Go through the open lobby and head to the back. To the far left is the door and walk up to the 3rd Floor.)

Doors open at 19:30 and will begin at 20:00
20:00 to 20:30: Overview of October
20:30 to 21:00: Lunar Rituals
21:00 to 22:00: Personal interpretations

Tickets: 20 Euro

Please RSVP your spot to Also include your birth information so I can look at your natal chart before to give everyone a personal interpretation:
Name: First and Last Name
Birthdate: Month, Day and Year
Birth Time: Time of brith
Birth Place: City and Country

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