Tantric Dance

On this night we will combine the authentic principles of tantra with dance. As human beings a large part of our purpose is to connect deeply with ourselves and those around us. Unfortunately many of the activities of modern times disconnect us with one another, and we find ourselves alone at our computers, alone on the dance floor, or alone walking down the street. 

Tonight we will connect with ourselves, and share our brilliance with one another as Kachenka guides us in a tantric workshop, followed by dancing as Scott will DJ and play live percussion. 

Please keep in mind that space is limited. If you'd like to save your spot send an email to the following address. Last event we were full!


PRICE: € 15.-

Kachenka Foltova
has been initiated into the Red Path moon dance and vision quests, and numerous plant medicine paths with shamans in Mexico & Peru. She also was initiated into the healing path as a Diksha giver at the University of Oneness in India with Ama and Bhagavan. She is a Yogui Siromani Professor of Hatha Yoga Sivananda having trained in Uttarkashi, India, and certified in Korean hand acupuncture, cupping therapy, Shiatsu massage and also as a Reiki healer level 1 & 2 from the College of Chinese Medicine in London. She trained as a Thai masseuse at the Massage Institute, Tulum, Mexico, and also trained in acro yoga. Katerina has completed the advance teacher training with Nayano the elder Teacher of Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga system, following Osho’s red Tantra and Babaji’s white Tantra teachings. She has the level 1 & 2 Cosmic Cobra Breath initiation which accelerated her healing of many deep traumas regarding sexuality, bringing awareness on how to effectively use her vital energy.

Scott Binder

When I was diagnosed with cancer last year it helped me change my perspective on many of the rigid believe systems and ways of being I had developed over the years. Balancing myself was the first step to healing cancer. Part of this change was linked to music. For many years I was making an DJing music that was not aligned with my spirit. Now that I am cancer free I am creating and performing music that resonates with my heart, and I'm sharing this with others.

Below is my soundcloud and mixcloud pages.