Divine Sparks - Inner Tantra of Joy 2 days Workshop with Cacao

Dive deep into your body-awareness. Learn about yourself, and being in conscious contact with others. Find out about your very unique 'super sensual touch'. Explore your boundaries and be thrilled by your 'inner sparkle'.
Two days of sensuality. Two days of oxytocine and serotonine.
Two days of self-awareness and Inner Tantra.
“So nice, I really felt rejuvenated after this weekend.”

For us, the conscious experience is most important. Our work is based on newest scientific insights. It includes next to mental- and bodywork also the latest shit on Polyvagal Theory, Wheel of Consent, and the wide spread field of Inner Tantra.
Come along and experience, what there is to experience. For this Divine Spark- Workshop 'Inner Tantra of Joy' we give 26 places. As we are happy to be in the beautiful field of YourSpace, the whole happening will be embedded in each a creamy-soft and a spicy-warm Cacao-Ceremony. The tantric practice includes receiving and giving sensual touching and massage on hands, arms, head, face and back. The workshop will be held by Bea and Kris.

Register = kris@cc-collective.com

Fee = registrations until 09.11.2016 -> 140€ (incl. Cacao), later registrations -> 165€ (incl. Cacao)

Bring = your own Mug and a Yoga mat or Pillow

Time = 19.11.2016 - 20.11.2016 / 10 am - 4 pm

Place = Your Space - Prenzlauer Allee 26 - 2.HH, 3.Floor

Kris is a free thinker, philosopher, book-author and practicing tantric. His focus is on self-awareness and the blossoming of the own potentials. He shares his knowledge and experiences in the workshop-series ‘Divine Spark’ and ‘Tantric Unity’, whose Co-Founder he is. Beyond that is he busy as Mental-Coach, Communication-Trainer and as Problem- and Conflict-Counselor. Among other things is Kris a nationally certified Mediator, Integral-Leadership-Coach, Founder of Mana Prana and Co-Founder of the Conscious Creators Collective. He loves to accompany people on their way to a healthy self-expression and self fulfillment. His Mission is to establish an academy of self-awareness that gives people the chance to develop and express their personal ‘Inner Drive’ in an holistic way.