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Cacao Ceremony · Planetary Alignment & Light Codes · 11/11

  • Your Space Prenzlauer Allee Berlin, Berlin Germany (map)


Five Cacao Ceremonies dedicated to Planetary Alignment & Light Codes, designed to experience the Spirit of Cacao as a catalyst for incoming Light Codes serving to dream the New Self into reality at an accelerated rate. We weave the many layers of our being together, allowing the heart to communicate with all that is to open the multidimensional perspective on our infinite Nature. Having activated the Cacao through guided meditation, we enter a floating sound vibration mode to move the light within. The Star Gate of November 11 opens the Consciousness Portal to align with Gold & Diamond Light Codes and the Crystal Grids of the Earth.

Cacao is a sacred teacher plant, a powerful facilitator, and guide for inner work. It teaches ancient practices of Unity, Love, and Understanding and allows a deep, loving connection with yourself and others. The Spirit of Cacao is pure joy. Cacao calibrates the cells, activates deep interaction and balances the sacred feminine & masculine dance within. In this loving experience, you are invited to align with your heart, intuition, Higher Self and Divine. We travel to the universal heartbeat of wisdom from where we plant our seeds: seeds of love. Having been used traditionally as a sacred plant medicine to open the heart and enter spiritual realms, the Spirit of Cacao is a keeper of sacred wisdom, perceived as radiant energy, described as a Medicine of the Soul, Medicine of Peace and Rainbow Medicine. 

Cacao Ceremony: 7pm-10pm
Doors open: 6.45pm
Exchange: 35€
English Class

You shouldn't work with ceremonial doses of Cacao if you are taking antidepressants or having a serious heart condition. Please let me know when you have questions.

Serap is the founder of Cacao Mama and guardian of the Cacao Spirit. She is a certified energetic healing practitioner and Earthspeaker. Having been advising lifestyle brands & NGOs on how to develop sustainable value chains with a focus on global resources, social impact and the planet itself, she is using her gifts to serve the healing of our inner resources. Since starting Cacao Mama she was allowed to touch people from all over the world with the heart-opening qualities of Cacao. Her mission is to assist Cacao unfold its sacred blueprint and dream The New Earth into reality by connecting people with Heart of Earth & of Divine.