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Dancing with the Divine

  • Your Space 26 Prenzlauer Allee Berlin, Berlin, 10405 Germany (map)

Access to the Divine is available to us all, but unfortunately we live in a world that is trying to suppress our true nature, and connection to it, and for many of us its difficult to understand what we are meant to do here on Earth, and what our heart is trying to tell us.

Dancing with the divine is a night designed to help us reconnect to our hearts and deep desires, through tools I've learned on my own healing journey. After the workshop, we will finish the night with a sound healing dance wave.

Whether you want to open your heart to new love, or find what your calling is, Dancing with the Divine will give you insights to help you open up in new ways on these paths.

During the night we will do the following:

  • Breathwork 
  • Writing exercise
  • Authentic connecting with one another.
  • Shamanic Journey
  • Sound healing dance Wave

Space is limited so if you'd like to come, please send your confirmation to the email below.

PRICE: € 15.-

Short bio

I've been on a spiritual path for 16 years, but it was my cancer diagnosis in 2015 that has helped me to connectly deeply with the divine within. In November 2015, I was told by doctors after my CT scan that I was cancer free. Fast forward to last November and I was told the cancer is still there. Although I was initially dissapointed with the news, I now understand that the cancer inside is helping me rediscover who I am to the core. I am truly humbled by this experience and have been given beautiful insights about life, and connecting with the core of who I am. Instead of keeping these gifts of what I've learned to myself, it is important for me to share them with others so that they can rediscover their authentic self as well. Our bodies know exactly what we need in life, we just have to listen to it.