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Kundalini Yoga Workshop PART 1

Kundalini and the seven chakras

in this first part of the 2-part workshop you will learn about the qualities, the challenges and attributes of the first 3 chakras.

Chakras are complex energy whirls located in 7 points in the body that have a direct influence over you state of being as well as your personal flow of energy. Through practicing Kundalini yoga and meditation you can release psychological and bodily blockages, simply by re-aligning and re-balancing your chakras.

This workshop aims to teach you practical approaches to experience more balance and vitality in your every day existence. It is open to students from ALL LEVELS no matter whether you’ve been practicing for years or have never tapped into Kundalini at all. 

It consists of 2 parts:

PART 1 - 05.03.2017: the lower 3 chakras

PART 2 - 12.03.2017: the upper 3 chakras + your crown chakra

To get the maximum benefit, come and join us for both, but of course you can also simply choose which one resonates the most with you.


- cozy clothes (preferably in white)

- a bottle of water

- pen & paper

- an open mind