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Discover your Higher Heart - Cacao meets Harp and Reiki

  • your space 26 Prenzlauer Allee Berlin, Berlin, 10405 Germany (map)

Join us for a triple treat: maya-cacao, soundjourney and magic crystal meditation. Elena Delendi and Annekatrin Looss will create an unique evening merging, cacao, music und reiki into a mindfreeing, heartwarming and deep relaxing experience.

As we drink the Raw Cacao, Anne will tell you about the history and the various benefits of this ancient, long forgotten medicineplant. Anne will cook the cacao as the maya did in ancient times – with water and spices and just 100 percent pure cacao. The latin name of the plant, Theobroma cacao actually means “Food of the Gods” It helps to raise your mood, energy and overall health.

As the cacao takes it ́s relaxing mood-elevating and overall healthy effect, you will dive into a beautiful sound journey. Lena will play her beautiful harp. While enjoying the smoothing sound of the harp, Elena and Anne will give you treats with reiki, crystal- and energyhealing. You will be leaving deeply relaxed, feeling gifted and well connected to the hearts around you, freshly energized for the weekend and the flowering spring.

Places are limited. Event by registration only.

Exchange: €30 (€25)

To reserve your spot please email:

It is best not to eat or drink coffee for one hour beforehand. Dress in loose, comfortable clothing.

Please bring a bottle of water and a yoga-mat.

Anne works as a writer und journalist since 1998, her favourite topics: future, new thinking and cacao. She does energy work since 2003. Since 2010 she is drinking cacao, loving it for it ́s various benefits. She sees it as an energetic turbo for body, mind and spirit.

Elena practices Hatha yoga since 2006. In 2011 she moved to India and lived there for two years, learning spiritual practices from Indian Yogis and Sadhus, esp. energy clearing and different healing practices. Also she developed technics for helping people to settle in their true nature.

Following our true nature will bring joy and happiness into our lives!