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∞ Cacao and Womb Healing Ritual ∞ 13th Rite of the Munay-Ki ∞

  • Your Space Prenzlauer Allee 26 Berlin, Berlin Germany (map)

Welcoming all women, home-girls, sisters, mothers, soul-rebels, witches, bitches, goddesses and all of the above...Welcoming your fierceness & fire, your softness & surrender...your vitality, passion & visions, and your exhaustion, confusion & insecurities...Welcoming your vulnerability as pure-strength, the rawness of your receptive heart as pure-beauty, and your authentic-spirit as the Goddess-Incarnate...Welcoming the majestic, messy & magical spectrum of all that makes you YOU...!

Body, heart, spirit and soul: We warmly welcome you to gather in an empowering, flowering circle of sisters: to dance, heal, celebrate & integrate, as we collectively create space: supported by the medicinal love of Mama-Cacao & one of the most profound and nourishing rituals and initiations created for and by women: the Rite of the Womb, the 13th Rite of the Munay-Ki...This space will be lovingly lead by Medicine-teacherAnnelies Sinke (hailing from Utrecht, The Netherlands) and Cacao-DJ-Ritualist Alma Omega Maegan Melissa: joining forces within their passion for the feminine, AND celebrating over 13 years of friendship together...

The healing of the womb is a powerful and gentle ritual that anchors you to the Earth, and simultaneously connects you to cosmic, feminine energy:
The Womb is not a place to store fear and pain The Womb is to create and give birth to life.

The collective feminine-energy has been denied, suppressed and abused for centuries, but the tides are surely changing: the time has come for every woman to remember, feel and embody who she really is: Wise, soft, loving and full of creative power & life-force. Many women carry (deliberately and/or unconsciously) pain and grief from our mothers and grandmothers, or traumas from this life (or previous lives), which has caused this innate female power to be largely lost...our intention is to create a healing space together: to awaken & celebrate what lies dormant...

Our afternoon ritual will begin with the loving guidance of Sacred Mama Cacao: helping us to ground into our intentions and bodies, and simultaneously expand our hearts & consciousnesses, allowing ourselves to be even more receptive, sensitive, and nourished...

Cacao (Theobroma cacao — “Food of the Gods”) is an extremely gentle, loving, high-vibrational plant that has been used in ritual context for thousands of years as sacred plant medicine. The deva of Cacao (the consciousness and spirit behind the form) assists us in deepening our connection with ourselves, working particularly on our heart-center: our ability to give and receive love freely and generously…and reveals the places inside us that are withholding from this transforming quality of (self)love.

Our ceremony will unfold into the rich depths of The 13th rite of the Munay-Ki--the Rite of the Womb: a very powerful ritual that magnifies the power of softness, while bringing this tender-center of the female body into natural balance, allowing feelings of self-worth and self-esteem to flow again. The Rite of the Womb is a deeply healing ritual: initiating a rebirth of the strong, loving essence of every woman's center.

In our circle we will make contact with what is present inside us, and what we wish to manifest. As a group of women, we shall connect with one and other, and become each other's shield and energy keepers...Traditionally the ritual includes 12 women, creating a strong field, as we work together: naturally feeling and feeding the energy and connection between us. We will work with the energy of our hearts, uteruses, petals, breath, intention, water, and the transforming element of fire. You will also learn how to use this rite during your Moon-Period, and how to further honor your relationship with Mother Earth. 

This Rite is an energy transfer from the cosmic-womb, lovingly transmitted from the initiator to you. From the moment you have this energy in your womb, you are then connected to the cosmic-womb. This 13th initiation comes from the lineage of the school of The Four Winds, and once you've received it, you are able to transfer it to as many women as you'd like.

For more information about the Rite of the Womb Ritual:

Date & time: Saturday May 20th, 13-18:00
Location: Your Space, Prenzlauer Allee 26, 10405 Berlin
Price: 70 (low-income)-80-90 (supportive) 
To register: 

***Please note that space will be limited to 12 women***

We are so deeply blessed and honored to create a lovingly held space for and with you...

So much love ♥

Maegan & Annelies

// About Annelies //
Although Annelies has lived in several places around our planet, the Dutch soil surrounding Utrecht are truly where her roots belong: where she feels safe & grounded to sprout...Her diverse background stems from both the balance & beauty of the inside & outside: She is Moon-Shamaness, personal-Coach, cultural-scientist & trend-watcher...She is passionate about rituals, the cycles of the moon, the art of nature, and personal development...lover of yoga, Spirit, Raw-beauty and non-duality (tea or gin, dancing or meditating, it all leads us home!) ...She is deeply blessed to share this profound Ritual of the Womb for the first time in Berlin, one of her favorite places to explore freedom and expansion.

// About Maegan //
Maegan is DJ (Alma ∞ Omega), creator of magical gatherings, healer & Cacao Ritualist...She is deeply passionate about the arise of the feminine (within all genders) to help balance the world, and is dedicating her life to being a part of the this current shift that is happening on the Planet: through music, dance, play, and creating space where we can EMBODY and REMEMBER...Maegan adores women, and feels deeply nourished by both being held, and holding feminine-spaces for healing and celebration...

Both Annelies and Maegan have been Soul-sisters for over 13 years, and are in deep gratitude to join forces, in honor and celebration of the feminine...♥

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