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Drum and Voice Circle @ Salon Verde

  • Salon Verde 28 Am Treptower Park Berlin, Berlin, 12435 Germany (map)

Since the earliest times, music and rhythm have been a source of healing for body and soul. They activate our senses and coordination, give us the sensation of universal synchrony and bring us back to unity and cooperation between people - community.


To open up, it is essential to feel comfortable and safe. So we will have time for each of us to share from our hearts and get a feeling for each other. Mário and Thea will hold this safe space where rhythm, joy, passion, authenticity and honest vulnerability will be our ground, on which we will move from the individual to the collective.


Being witnessed and heard with our deep longings and truth is a very powerful and ancient practice. However, being seen became linked to stress and discomfort for many of us, as we learned we’ll have to perform and „be good“. In this circle, we encourage You gently to use Your voice for true expression of what moves deep within Yourself, without any expectations and pressure. Sharing Your voice, and thereby Your inner world or personal prayer is something very intimate and raw - which we are fully aware of.


In the last round, we’ll merge our gifts into a tribal co-creation and have a free flow rhythm, voice and sound experience. Dancing is welcome!

19:00 Arriving
19:30 Connecting, Sharing-Circle, Feeling into the space
20:30 Circle of Listening - Share Your Voice / Song / Prayer
21:30 Free Flow Co-Creation - Meeting in our Truth - Celebration

15-25 Euro sliding scale/space is limited
>> please register via

Am Treptower Park 28
Haus F 3rd backyard

Feel free to bring a drum or rattle or other instruments. We’ll also provide a few. If there is a certain song You’d like to share, this is very welcome. But not at all necessary.
Come as You are!

Mário Rui Fernandes is a maker of shamanic drums and facilitator on many festive, shamanistic and healing events. He teaches Yoga, Meditation and Body Movement, his inspiration comes from his experiences in contact improvisation, contemporary dance and 5 Rhythms dance. In 2013 he founded HeArt oficina, blending an innovative approach in creating traditional shamanic drums with natural materials and ancient approaches.

He is the co-founder of YouMenKind: Homem Círculo, a "The Way of Council" project, gathering with men every month and working also with imprisone@d Portuguese men and women (Red Cross Portugal project). Mario is also co-founder of the platform and community Your Tribe which focuses on shamanic practices in ritualistic and festive events.

Thea Hann is a medicine singer and musician on her journey through this wondrously bizarre happening called life. Within her own personal process of healing, she is exploring and discovering music as a mighty source of reconnecting with ourselves and reaching our souls. She has been through a deep and transformative process of finding and reclaiming her voice. And still is on this path.

By growing a new relationship to spirituality after being long time disconnected, she became curious and passionate about the topic of prayer. The connection between prayer and voice is her recent focus of interest and research. She is deepening her knowledge and experience through co-creating ritualistic events like Lucid and ceremonial spaces, as well as through traditional shamanic work.