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Authentic Tantra Massage for men and women

Do you sometimes ask yourself ‘Is this all there is?’ Do words such as Consciousness, Expansion, Love and Freedom excite you? Would you like to make changes and heal wounds that will positively enhance the way you relate to love, sex, intimacy and connection for the rest of your life? 
Tantra is all about that.

Tantra allows us to better understand how intimacy and relationships can become integrated parts in our growth and evolution as human beings. Resulting in a more rich and fulfilling life experience. 
It is a path of expansion, through life. Ultimately being an authentic spiritual path, Tantra is life embracing, and we see the body as a temple which holds and supports us on this path of evolution.

**The TANTRIC MASSAGE** is a beautiful tool and experience to support you in the process of opening up your body, energy and mind to a new expansive state of life. It is an intimate massage that uses sexual energy to achieve deeper states of consciousness through the means of profound orgasms. 
In a tantric massage, every area of the body (including the genitals) is worshipped and touched in a sacred and sensual manner, approaching the body from a place of utmost love and reverence.

Not only does a Tantric massage increase our orgasmic potential and ability to perceive energy, it is also immensely HEALING and THERAPEUTIC. 

FOR WOMEN it can:
- Help remove sexual blockages from the body, including stored energy of past lovers or sexual experiences. Women are very receptive in their genital area and hence tend to store a lot of emotions, beliefs, traumas and such in this area
- Open up a new realm of sensitivity; moving away from numbness and pain and opening up to full and empowering pleasure
- Experience deeply fulfilling (vaginal and cervical) orgasms
- Increase libido, confidence, and feminine radiance
- Heal sexual dysfunctions such as vaginismus, genital pain or discomfort, pain during lovemaking, pelvic organ prolapse, Vulvodynia (and other chronic pelvic pain syndromes), urinary incontinence and Pudendal Neuralgia and other pelvic neuralgia
- Bring a profound connection between sex and heart, transforming sexual shame and inhibitions
- Unleash your inner power, transforming your sex life into a spiritual practice

FOR MEN it can:
- Increase sex drive, libido, and stamina, greatly prolong the lovemaking experience
- Bring the experience of full-body tantric orgasms without ejaculating
- Bring more connection to yourself, your power, and your inherent Masculinity
- Increase sensitivity and heal sexual blockages
- Heal sexual dysfunctions such as pain during lovemaking, genital pain or discomfort, lack of erection, premature ejaculation, prostatodynia (and other chronic pelvic pain syndromes)
- Learn the techniques of how to master, harness, and channel your sexual energy towards deeper states of consciousness
- Bring presence in the midst of intense arousal and experience deep states of consciousness

Giving a tantric massage is one of the most beautiful gifts you can give to yourself or your beloved.