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Intimate Exploration of the Tantric Masculine and Feminine

Join us for a beautiful exploration and embodiment of the Masculine and Feminine in Tantra.

Do you crave connection? Long for more sensitivity? Would you like to feel more joy, pleasure and moreover Love in your life? 
Tantra is a life-embracing path, which enables us to bring seemingly very spiritual or metaphysical (‘hard to grasp’) concepts, through practical and physical exploration into our everyday life.

During two evenings, we will EXPLORE and EMBODY the Tantric Feminine (Shakti aspect) and Tantric Masculine (Shiva aspect), allowing you to tap into your personal power and life force energy. You will furthermore explore what sacred sexuality means through practicing the art of Tantric massage. 
These workshops will support the healing of old wounds and beliefs, opening space for real connection, increase of sensitivity, joy, authenticity, and welcoming of elevated relationships. Rising in love.

The TANTRIC MASSAGE is a beautiful tool and experience to support you in the process of opening up your body, energy and mind to a new expansive state of life. It is an intimate massage that uses sexual energy to elevate our consciousness.
In a tantric massage, every area of the body (including the genitals) is worshipped and touched in a sacred and sensual manner, approaching the body from a place of utmost love and reverence.

Not only does a Tantric massage increase our orgasmic potential and ability to perceive energy, it is also immensely HEALING and THERAPEUTIC. During the massage sessions you will experience:

❤ How to set up a safe space
❤ Worship the Supreme manifestation in masculine and feminine bodies
❤ How to open up and receive but also how to ask for what you want
❤ The joy and fascination of authentic touch
❤ Learn how to pleasure your partner
❤ Intimacy and Sacred Sexuality
❤ How to approach trauma release  during lovemaking or any intimate connections